Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Girls enjoy boys getting punished,slapped and caned hard

Hii, i am Aakash from Delhi, India, I am 14. We are caned almost everyday in schools. About a week ago, i forgot to do my Maths homework and didnt do it event for the third warning, ooh my god, guess what happened??
My maths sir ordered me to go to the junior classes and she gave me about 30 slaps in front of junior girls
 of our school My ear and cheeks turned red like a tomato, They also became warm, one of the girls was my cousin :P. Then he asked me to touch my toes and caned me 10 times at my back and thighs, I wear tight and short Trousers to school, so it hut a lot because of thin covering but yet it gives better projection of the buttocks. After he finished caning me, he asked some junir girl to slap me hard, lol . This is the most shameful experience but still it feels me good, Those cute sweet innocent girls slap lightly but turn my ear red, extremely red, their soft hands makes my ear warm and hot, well when they had done slapping me, My maths teacher asked me to become murga and kneel down also for half an hour, then he released me, but i wasnt safe yet, as i told u that i have my cousin in that junior class, she told all this to my Parents, and guess what?
My legs and ears were still paining and they gave me another spanking and thwacked my ear badly, My real sister who is 4 years younger than me laughed a lot at me, and teased me. All girls like boys getting punished. Plz share your experiences also.>>